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The philosophy of Arco Bene is to provide more specialized and better education for violin than the academy or music school.


Regularity is very important in the study of the student itself, but also in the observation.  That is why the school continues the lessons during holidays.


In the lessons, didactic material like recordings and videos of famous violinists is used.  To involve the students more actively in the learning proces, they will be recorded regularly so they can discover for themselfs what they like or dislike in their playing and correct it.


Arco Bene tries to give the students the opportunity to meet good violinists and/or pedagogues, by organizing a master class or course.


Teachers of the school are Wim Spaepen and Nina Van Campen.


Languages: Dutch or English.

Arco Bene tries to stimulate as much as possible to play for public, therefore it is designated that students attend each others lessons.  The school also organizes every semester a concert.


Students will be stimulated to take part in competitions and other projects.




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